Home Schooling Plan

Having read through Chapter 4, “Unlocking the Doors: The Preschool Years” in The Well-Trained Mind, and spending an inappropriately extensive time perusing Pinterest, I put together an over-all plan for the first few months. These are my initial thoughts of “organized play” for my two year old.
Areas of learning: Reading, Orthodox life, creativity, letters and numbers, physical activity, colors, and problem solving
Every Day
Reading – Simply reading at least five books a day. This can be five different books, or one book over and over. Repetition is good for young minds and helps with sight words later on.
Orthodox Life – Morning, evening, and meal time prayers and weekly church services.  Later, memorization and recognition activities.
Creativity – Have organized and free time planned, do different types of art and have on hand lots of different stuff to make things with, as well as different media. Have a few days planned for the current season.
Letters and Numbers – Practice visual recognition and begin hand writing, sing the alphabet song, count stairs as well as anything else we see, practice putting scrambled letters and numbers into order, combine with arts and crafts creativity.
Story Time at the local library
Tuesday – gymnastics
Colors – Naming the colors, recognizing objects and being able to say what colors they are, using crayons or whatever to color in the right hue for different objects, combine with arts and crafts creativity.
Problem solving – Challenge her with different types of puzzles and shape recognition and matching, learning prime and composites.

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