Okay, Here We Go: Week One

WEEK ONE: This first week I introduced home schooling. I planned each activity to last about ten minutes, which turned out pretty accurate. She did very well and I can tell you each activity we did was a hit. Except finger painting. The idea of getting her fingers wet looked obviously repulsive to her! That’s okay! Thankfully I had bought some paint brushes.  [Lesson planning time: 40 minutes]

Oh yeah, and I spent $60 at Walmart buying a bunch of cool stuff in the craft aisle. I planned to use it for every area of learning, not just creativity.









Every Day: Morning prayers, read at least 5 books, creative. (Note: we ended up doing all of these activities every day because she wanted to do them!)

LETTERS: A through E









Have her point out each letter in order and say it

Match felt letters to corresponding flash cards (http://cloisteredaway.com/2013/04/19/pre-school-at-home/)
Sing alphabet song

NUMBERS: 1 through 5









Count pom poms

Have her sort pom poms into cups with corresponding numbers
Stack blocks and count them










Finger painting on blank paper

Coloring with markers

Introduce blue by making a butterfly with colored paper and other monochromatic crafty stuff (pom poms, pipe cleaners, finger paint, stickers, glitter). Talk about the color blue and have her find other blue things in the house. Throughout the day, ask her what color the butterfly she made is.

Introduce green by making a butterfly as before.

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