Big Steps: Potty Training!

Wednesday I looked into my diaper drawer. Five left. That wouldn’t last very long. So the question was: do I spend $30 on another month’s worth of diapers OR should I give potty training another try? I say “another try” because this same consideration pops into my head every six months or so. Every time ends in Audrey not trained and me covered in pee. It hasn’t been pleasant. However! The inspiration and high hopes had returned! So we gave it a try. Through Pinterest I found an amazing blog by Krysta Casey featuring a post on this potty training method the blogger used on her kids. I read it and decided to give it a try.

You can find it at:

So here is what we did.

First, we played with Baby. Baby got to wear big girl panties today! All of the sudden I jumped up and said, “Audrey! Baby has to go potty!!” So we both ran Baby to the potty, pulled her panties off, and popped her on the potty!


Using an infant nasal un-plugger we got when Audrey was born, I sucked up some water with it and hid it behind Baby. From Audrey’s point of view it looked like Baby was REALLY going pee on the potty. Audrey was ecstatic. We made a BIG deal out of Baby’s success and gave the doll some chocolate chips as a reward. Back to playing. Soon (with the help of the nasal un-plugger, of course) Baby had an accident on the floor! Oh no!! We ran with her to the potty shouting “No pee pee on the floor, pee pee in the potty!!” over and over. Baby sat on the potty. Whew!

I had been pumping her full of watered down juice, milk, and water since she woke up so she would have a full little bladder. A few minutes of playing in our dining room and we again took baby to the potty while chanting, “No pee pee on the floor, pee pee in the potty!!” over and over. Baby did it! Next it was Audrey’s turn. She hopped onto the potty. Success! I pretty much exploded with happiness. There was dancing. After she wiped, and got her pants up, we flushed the potty and waved “bye bye” to the disappearing water. Audrey got to pick 2 chocolate chips as a reward. She lives for chocolate chips.

I set our ladybug kitchen timer for 15 minutes and we stayed over hard floor, playing and reading and drawing until the timer went off. Wouldnt you know it, Baby had to go potty! We ran her to the potty. Audrey wanted to go after baby did, and did pee! We did this all day, eventually taking Baby out of the process and simply running Audrey to the potty. I wrote each time down, success or fail.


Now, eventually there was an accident. We ran to the potty chanting, “No pee pee on the floor, pee pee in the potty!!” Onto the seat! Success! I went through  most of the day not knowing that the key to this blogger’s success was repeatedly chanting and running back and forth from the accident to the potty, 10 times. This gives the child repetition. Thankfully, my child has learned to survive through my silliness. At the end of the day we were running back and forth 10 times every accident. I think it really clicked for her during this time.


Nap time happened at the usual time after lunch. Krysta Casey suggests going all in. No more diapers. (I had to find my plastic covers, so we DID use a diaper the first day for nap and night time, but that was it.) After this first day it only got better. Day 2 we treated like usual – no extra liquids – but we did try to avoid carpet. I think she did pretty well!


By day 3 I stopped keeping track of times, and simply asked her every so often if she had to go potty. She still received a LOT of attention for using the potty successfully, and I rewarded her with chocolate chips. At the end of the day she wanted to call her Aunt Tatiana and tell her about it. It was an exciting day.

Now, after a few nights and nap times where she had dry panties when she woke up, we no longer feel the need to use the plastic covers. I took the towels and extra blankets off her bed (I didn’t want to have to change her sheets every time there was an accident) and we see her, completely on her own, run up to the potty and use it! Yesterday was completely accident free. It hasn’t even been a week and she is doing so well! Soon we will retire the reinforced panties and buy her a second pack of regular panties. They will probably also be Hello Kitty. Cats are a favorite for her right now.


After day 2 we even held a little celebration ceremony where we took every thing diapers out of Audrey’s room and put them in a storage closet. No more diapers, wipes, changing pad and covers, portable changing pad from my purse, diaper geanie, or little potty training singing potty (which we never used…) She is a BIG GIRL now!

SO! If you are planning on giving potty training a go with your 2 to 2 1/2 year old, I highly recommend you read Krysta’s blog. Read her replies to the comments as well. This method worked so well for us, and very quickly. We have one very independent big girl now! I can’t express how proud I am of her (and how happy I am not to have to change any more diapers!)

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